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Continous Churning

Without any doubt, the best ice cream is eaten fresh out of the churner.
Until now, it has only been the privilege of the ice cream maker.
With this innovative concept, we have made this pleasure available to everyone.

The technology of our machines allows anyone, with a minimum of knowledge,
to produce and sell excellent fresh ice cream all day long, using just one machine.
The process takes place directly at the sales counter, in front of the customers.

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Pastry Jolly 30

Fully automatic countertop machine, perfect for creating Creams, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Jams, Toppings and other preparations for ice cream parlours, pastry shops and restaurants.

The sophisticated electronic control, has the recipes for 20 of the most popular preparations pre-set, allowing anyone to achieve the best results with minimum effort and hardly any process supervision.

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Icy Cream 20

The ideal countertop machine to produce, store and serve Gelato, Ice Cream, Sorbet, Yogurt and Granita always fresh all day long.

The sophisticated electronic control automatically adapts the operation of the machine to the selected flavour, to keep the product always in the best condition.

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Icy Cream 25

Complete line of floor standing professional ice cream machines that can be used individually or combined, to create a set-up with more flavours.
Models with 1 to 6 tanks on a single row, 4 and 6 tanks one two rows
are available with the choice of air or water cooling.

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SAS Smart App System

Remote monitoring system for managing BGI machines.
Through a Smartphone, Tablet or PC it is possible to manage the machines operation, even remotely.

A combination of communication and remote management technologies combined with alarm monitoring, preventive maintenance and automatic ingredient supply management, allows the system to qualify with Industry 4.0 legislation.

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